Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 3

Welcome blog blogees! I am excited to share with you moments from our very busy, but extremely entertaining week!

On Monday evening, we headed to a restaurant about 15 minutes from the school, “100 Montaditos.” Montaditos are small “bocadillos” or sandwiches. We made sure to go this particular day, as there was a 2 for 1 special going on, and thus eating was very cheap.

 As you might guess, students sure took advantage of this, and certainly had plenty to eat!
              Dining under the Ciudad Real night sky, a cool, beautiful night, perfect for montaditos of course!

Some students enjoyed dessert in the restaurant, while others ventured over to satisfy their craving for a little taste of dessert from home, Burger King ice cream. Some students also found entertainment playing on some of the toys outside the restaurant.

Tuesday morning, we had the pleasure of being visited by a journalist from one of the local newspapers, the Lanza. Rosa was interviewed to give a background description of the program and painted a picture of what daily life is like for the students in Ciudad Real. We also had our picture taken. The following day, IUHPFL students were in the news, for all to see! ¡Qué guay! (Very awesome)

Tuesday and Wednesday, students attended their classes and afternoon theater and choir activities per usual. And of course, we have been enjoying our lunches in the cafeteria everyday as well. Some students utilize the time after lunch to catch up on some homework...

 ..while others now can't resist the lure of the freshly installed volleyball net on the court outside the school cafeteria (which may be the highlight of the days from now on, I'm sure! )

 Of course, some students opted for soccer, as they continue to refine their skills as futbolistas.

Finally, Thursday arrived, the day we embarked upon our big two-day excursion to Córdoba and then Granada. Around 11am we arrived in Córdoba.
Here we are ready to begin our journey in Andalucia

Another group shot on the Puente Romano (Roman bridge)

 Here we are entering the Alcázar

 A little head shower in the fountain never hurt anybody!

  Man that feels good!  

     ¡Smile, chicos! 

On the way to our next stop, the Mezquita.

Inside the Mezquita

 Departing from Córdoba, some with some pretty cool souvenirs you gotta say...:)


Stuck in a little traffic as we approach our hotel in Granada.

After we checked in to the hotel, we all headed out to watch the USA vs. Germany game, it was a packed house for sure!
 USA, although not victorious, still qualified to contend in the World Cup. We're happy!

Dinner in the hotel. Who doesn't love a buffet!?

 After dinner, a few students retired to their rooms while other accompanied Ángel on a mini nighttime excursion where they really got a taste of the Spanish culture with a live flamenco show as well as a night stroll through Granada to see the breathtaking site that is the illuminated Alhambra.

Friday morning, we awoke fairly early and headed down to the breakfast buffet before beginning the second half of our incredible adventure in Andalucía. 

Wake up guys! We have a big day ahead!

         Our first stop, the Alhambra, is arguably the most visited site in Spain. 
Here we are posing for a quick group shot before we enter the Alhambra gardens and Generalife

Inside Generalife

View from Generalife

More shots of the Alhambra

                                              Departing from the gardens, off to the Alcazaba.

                                                                         At the Alcazaba

 From the Alcazaba, we continued on over to the Palacio Nazaríes
            On our way back from the palacio, we had to make a quick pit stop for some quick snap shots

Who are these folks!? 


A bit tired, very hungry, and still soaking it all in and lovin' it, here we are heading out to lunch and free time for souvenir shopping in the Plaza Nueva

  After lunch, many students bought souvenirs for friends and family. Next stop: Cathedral of Granada. 

Short rest while we wait for tickets to be purchased to enter the Cathedral

Our journey in Andalucia came to a close with a visit to the Capilla Real, after which we headed for the bus.

The bus ride back provided for a bit of siesta time for some, as we were all pretty much wiped-out!

¡Adiós Granada!

We arrived back in Ciudad Real around 9:30pm.  Students had the weekend to spend time with their host families and catch up on homework for the upcoming week. Stay tuned, for next week we are in for more fun at 100 Montaditos restaurant, a trip to the movies, a trip to Playa Park (waterside park) and last but not least, our rockin' 4th of July party on Friday.
¡Hasta el próximo finde! :)