Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 2

 (Ciudad Real enchants you, night and day)
Here is a video from the Toledo trip that I forgot to post last week. Short, but cute! 

Welcome back to the blog! This past week, students really had to buckle down and get to work as it was the first week of classes. On Monday, students attended their support groups in the morning, and then headed to their literature, culture, communication and grammar classes. Below are some shots from lunch throughout the week in the “comedor” or school cafeteria.

                         Waiting to serve ourselves up some tasty almuerzo (lunch) for the day!
                                                 Seems like everybody enjoyed the food today!

                                                    Time to work off all those patatas (potatoes)! 

                                                           Girls hanging out on the sidelines...
On Monday we had the privilege to celebrate two birthdays that took place the previous weekend, Emily and Kelsey. Emily turned 17 while Kelsey turned 18. We enjoyed ice cream cookie sandwiches in honor of these two ladies' special days after our choir and theater practice. 
Friends celebrating with the tasty treats!
Feliz Cumpleaños to Emily and Kelsey!

On Tuesday students continued with their classes, but in the morning they got to take a tour of the local library.
Here they are listening to their very knowledgeable, passionate library tour guide, Esteban.
On Wednesday, we got to have another birthday party, as Christy celebrated her 17th birthday. We all enjoyed popsicles, some a little less "popsically'' than others, i.e., more melted, but we had a great time celebrating. Feliz cumple Christy!

The video of us singing Happy Birthday for Christy would not load, I am sorry about that. I will put it up next week if I am able to load it. Thank you for your patience!

Thursday was a holiday in Ciudad Real, and so students enjoyed a day off from classes and spent time with their families. On Friday, classes resumed as normal, however we were all in for a real treat in the afternoon as we hopped a bus to head about 20 minutes outside of the city to la playa del Vicario which has large swimming pools where friends and family gather to swim, lounge in the shade, have a snack and play sports.
Group shot before we all dive in, it's hot!
Time for more Fanta Limón, patatas fritas (potato chips) and, yep, more, you guessed it, helado! (icecream)
      Smile chicas!
Playin' a little pick up volley with some ciudadrealeños (locals from Ciudad Real)
...who we owned, by the way! :)  
Off the head!
Perfect form!
Game point!
Ready for battle
 Lookin good girls ;)

After all the excitement from the playa on Friday, most of the students made it out on Saturday morning for the guided tour of Ciudad Real. We were taken around the city, stopping at historic places such as la Iglesia de San Pedro (Church of St. Peter) La Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Prado (Church of Our Lady of Prado) La Plaza Mayor (The main plaza) as well as the oldest house in all of Ciudad Real, where the artwork of local Ciudad Real painter, Manuel López-Villaseño. is exhibited.

Here we are gathered the Plaza Mayor
 At noon everyday in the Plaza Mayor, three principal figures from Don Quijote, Sancho, Quijote and Alonso Quijano roll out on to the balcony. Below is a photo of the display,

Saturday ended with students going their separate ways whether with family for more ice cream or to a Mexican Restaurant (some of us still have our cravings for spicy tacos in Spain :) ) Sunday students spent with their families and most likely doing homework for Monday, as they had quite a bit! This upcoming week students will enjoy the fact that we only have classes for three days as we depart on Thursday for our next excursion. We will be heading south to Córdoba and and then staying overnight in beautiful Granada which we will explore all day on Friday.
Nos vemos el próximo finde! (See you next weekend!)


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