Sunday, July 20, 2014

Semana 6

Hola padres, and welcome back! This week was students´ last full week of classes before they start preparing to head back to the states! 

Monday and Tuesday students went about their days with their regular schedule. We did have another Disney night on Tuesday where we watched La Serenita (The Little Mermaid). 

On Wednesday morning, students woke up early to head to the Museum of Don Quijote, which exhibited  excerpts from various versions of the renowned novel along with an audio tour guide that explained other aspects of the museum and finally gave a synopsis of the novel with visual effects and images.
Immersing ourselves in the wonder that is Quijote...

Until next time! 

Wednesday evening, some students headed over to Foster´s, a classic American style restaurant in Ciudad Real. It seems as students are neared their return to the states, their cravings for home cooking got the best of them!

 The food was absolutely delicious, and we had no problem licking our plates clean! (Not really, but you get the ideaJ)

 Saturday evening most of the students headed to the town of Manzanares to attend a traditional Spanish bullfight.Tears were shed by some, as this can be quite an emotional event, however students also enjoyed experiencing first hand this aspect of the Spanish culture.

Students wrapped up the weekend most likely writing essays and studying for quizzes that they will be hit hard with next week as classes wrap up. Students will also finish up their rehearsals for the farewell show including theater, song and dance, it´s gonna be a wonderful show!

Until next week!

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